Friday, April 17, 2009

Confederate States of America

This movie was simultaneously funny, enlightening, and a little scary. For one thing, straight off the bat, the entire movie is put together in such a way that you are thinking that it is eerily possible things could have come out in that timeline of events if the South had gotten international support for the civil war. At the same time, though, you see commercials and parts that are more funny than informative, and you think "hey, there's no need to take this THAT seriously." Things for items like "N*ggerhair Cigarettes" (I don't know if Blogspot is going to take down the blog or anything if I say the whole thing) and a smorgasbord of other racist paraphernalia make you laugh at the absurdity of such items being advertised nowadays. At the end of the movie, though, when you find out most if not all of the items advertised were actually real products, some of which lasted until the late 1900's then your mind is blown and many preconditioned feelings towards society are overturned.
I cannot even comprehend a situation where we would be that intolerant of African American people; I guess that is just a testament to where we are as a society now in comparison to where we would presumably be had the North lost the civil war.
I also wanted to say that Canada beating everyone in the Olympics because they had free black citizens is hilarious, and I couldn't stop laughing when the narrator mentioned that.

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